Reazn UK celebrating at Aston Villa

Reazn UK (Formally The Brock Metal Company Ltd) celebrating its 75th Anniversary.
Reazn UK marked its 75th Anniversary with a gathering of former directors, suppliers and employees at the Aston Villa Football Club vs. Brentford FC match on the 23.10.22.
It was a honor to invite Mr. Malcolm Widdows (former Managing Director 1982-2006) and Mr. John Titley (Former Technical Director) along with many passed & current employees. The guest list also included Mr. Neils Pedersen from Boliden Zinc (formally Outokumpu) who was a key supplier of zinc to our company for many years.
We also seen the return “for one day only” of Mr. William Vaughan, who worked for our company for 49 years. William was also involved in the construction of the building/site prior to commencing manufacturing in 1974.
It was great to all meet up and celebrate this wonderful landmark. A great day was finished off with a 4-0 home win to the Villa – Perfect! Many thanks to all our employees and esteemed visitors for making this day so special.
A special thanks also to Sonya, Pat and Catlin from Aston Villa Football Club who made the day run smoothly – as always.