circular economy

Circular economy advantages

Circular economy: production and consumption becomes more efficient

We keep on promoting the concept of a circular economy. For us this means closed loop solutions in order to facilitate the stream from industrial by-products to ready-to-use alloys.

Today we would like to share all the great advantages regarding circular economy:

  • Production and consumption becomes more innovative and efficient,
  • Lower risk of resource scarcity and volatile prices,
  • New, local jobs are created,
  • Waste management is optimizied which pushes recycling and reduces landfill,
  • Energy is saved, as less manufacturing requires less energy,
  • Our environment benefits in terms of climate and biodiversity as well as in air, soil and water pollution,
  • The European Commission will promote and regulate circular economies according to the circular economy action plan, which is a main component of the EU Green Deal. Europe´s agenda for sustainable growth (source:

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