Our Managing Directors on 3 years of REAZN:


Claude Bever | Managing Director REAZN:

“The REAZN-brand has been launched just before Covid-outbreak, so probably the worst possible moment. Nevertheless, the brand has been consistently developed and is a fantastic success on our ongoing sustainability-journey.

REAZN stands for RE-specting ESG-criteria in the best possible way, RE-liability and RE-cycling. The latter will determine the future of our planet. We cannot continue to endlessly deplete our planet from its resources. We have to work with what we have already taken from the ground and upcycle waste into resources, keeping them in endless loops. This is what REAZN has always been doing and it will remain the main focus of the Group.

We are passionate for circular economy. This is our DNA.”


Jean Gouverneyre | Managing Director REAZN BELGIUM:

“REAZN has been established in a time of extreme global transformation: the pandemic and our will to fight climate change constantly stimulate our creativity. Now, more than ever, our choice of producing zinc alloys comes with a responsibility. We must not just RE-spect ESG standards, but also take leadership.

At REAZN, we go beyond compliance: sustainability is in our DNA. We continuously choose to invest in innovation, polish our production processes through technological improvements and foster a sustainable culture within our team.

REAZN’s mission is to keep the mined zinc-resources in a loop, without loss of quality.”


Gerard Keane | Managing Director REAZN UK:

“The UK-branch has joined the Group in 2018. The sustainability-DNA at REAZN is unbelievable. The agility and the buzz in this company are bringing additional motivation to the team in the UK.

The re-branding has been a huge success and we are facing the future with extreme confidence.”