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At REAZN we pursue excellence in the products and services we offer to our partners.
Simultaneously, we are anticipating the challenges of a continuously changing world and permanently
improving our zinc recycling solutions.

Customer approach: By constantly striving to meet the needs of our partners while keeping track of our values,
we managed to build a worldwide network of long-term relationships based on mutual trust.
REAZN will continue to be your fully committed and reliable zinc expert.

Your circular economy partner: with our knowledge and technologies in upcycling zinc units,
we implement closed loop solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and the ones of our stakeholders.

Get ready for circular economy – and transform the industry with us!



REAZN is committed to keep on investing in better processes and technologies. By working at the ongoing optimization of our proprietary recycling technologies, we are able to improve the recovery rate of zinc units and thus save valuable raw materials from the waste stream. REAZN pushes for evolution through innovation. We believe that this innovation sources in the constant interaction of the product value stream and the people value stream.

of our history

  • 2020


    We are unified in a new strong brand. Be prepared for the future, because we are!

  • 2018

    NFM GROUP S.A. acquires TBMC Ltd.

    NFM GROUP announces completion of acquisition of THE BROCK METAL COMPANY Ltd from the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (CZP). The acquisition demonstrates the group’s focus on further growing the profitability of its core niche zinc alloy business.

  • 2006


    ISTC – now known as REAZN+ – is established in Kruishoutem.

  • 1994


    NFM TRADING – now known as REAZN – is founded as a trading company. Gradually the company abandons trading and concentrates on coordinating the sourcing of raw materials for the zinc alloys production and the marketing of all REAZN products.

  • 1988


    CRAMET – now known as REAZN BELGIUM – starts the production of zinc alloys. From the start it is dedicated to produce the alloys mainly from secondary zinc units. Since then the company works at continuously optimizing its’ innovative recycling technologies.

  • 1947


    TBMC – now known as REAZN UK – is founded. First established in Saltley, Birmingham, the company later moves to Norton Canes, Cannock Staffordshire, where it stills operates today.


Claude BEVER
Managing Director REAZN GROUP
Managing Director REAZN
Managing Director REAZN GROUP
Managing Director REAZN BELGIUM
Managing Director REAZN +
Gerard KEANE
Managing Director REAZN UK
REAZN Alessandro Paganini portrait
Alessandro PAGANINI
Sales Manager REAZN
Thomas Bosschem
Chief Financial Officer REAZN Group
REAZN Alexandre Poulenard portrait
Alexandre Poulenard
Purchasing Manager REAZN
Frédéric Marcant
Project Manager REAZN BELGIUM
REAZN Günter Spitz portrait
Günter SPITZ
Finance Director REAZN
REAZN Belgium Mircea Petrescu portrait
Production Manager REAZN BELGIUM
REAZN+ Cyrille Bertro portrait
Cyrille BERTRO
Production Unit Manager REAZN+
Kévin Delbecq
Quality, Safety and Environment Manager REAZN Group

Great Place To Work

We are very proud that REAZN received the “Great Place To Work” certification. We are very grateful for this award and would like to thank all of our personnel. Our aim is to continuously improve this classification with the help of our committed employees.

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The Initiative Zink is an association of zinc alloy manufacturers, zinc recyclers and users of zinc, such as semi-finished goods producers, general galvanizers, zinc die casters and manufacturers of zinc dust, zinc powder and zinc compounds. Through its public relations work, Initiative Zink aims at publicizing the diverse uses and properties of zinc, as well as its importance for people.

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International Zinc Association’s Mission Statement: Representing the zinc industry globally, to sustainably grow markets and maintain the industry’s license to operate through effectively managed initiatives in research and development, technology transfer and communication of the value of zinc.