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about REAZN

The REAZN GROUP is the upcycling expert for premium, customized, prime grade zinc alloys. We employ 130 zinc experts and produce 103.000 t of zinc alloys a year for about 400 customers worldwide.
Along with lower CO₂ emissions, REAZN aims for less waste and lower energy consumption.

Our circular economy model enables us to produce zinc alloys with an extremely low carbon footprint. If you want to dive deeper into the REAZN Group, the different locations (3 countries in Europe) and our mission, please follow this link.


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Maintenance Manager

Belgium Full-time Permanent

Account Manager Purchasing (m/f/d)

Luxembourg Full-time Permanent

Maintenance Technician

Belgium Full-time Permanent

Automation Support Engineer

Belgium Full-time Permanent

Production Supervisor (PCS)

Belgium Full-time Permanent


No job vacant or nothing that fits your profile? You are very welcome to apply anyway to start your career with us. We are always looking for new talents and experienced professionals with the same passion for sustainability.

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The best technology can’t work without the adequate human skills. Our organizational learning is based on teamwork and workforce involvement through task ownership. In this context safety, health and well-being at the workplace are essential in our approach to the human factor.

With locations in Belgium, Luxembourg & the UK we share an exciting mix of languages & cultures and we highly value the diversity of our employees. REAZN is truly reliable when it comes to a good work atmosphere & an excellent company culture, resulting in being “GPTW”-certified for a second year in a row.

to Work

Great Place to Work (GPTW) is an international research institute, which certifies the company culture of companies based on anonymous employee surveys.

REAZN is very proud to have won the first place in the category “smaller companies” in 2021 (Luxembourg). We also achieved the 13th rank on the “Best Workplaces in Europe in 2021 for smaller companies” list.


working for REAZN = working for our planet

Recycling, upcycling and sustainability is our DNA. Since our start in 2018, we have continuously increased zinc production while decreasing our carbon footprint. REAZN´s innovative and sustainable mindset has helped us gain valuable partners in the industry while creating a circular economy.

This means that you will start your career in a dynamic but reliable environment. To stay number one in zinc recycling we are permanently looking for new talents & experienced professionals. Your job is going to be an interesting mix of two worlds: We are metallurgists but we work with the tools of the future (e.g. IT 4.0). While saving natural resources we are on our way to transform a whole industry.

best possible service for you

We can grant our partners the best possible service. The same applies to our employees.
Right from the start, we are listening carefully to our collaborators to provide them the support they need. Continuous employee development and training is one of our main pillars to allow for individual growth and improvement.

REAZN is going to support your career inside the company: You can start as a Trainee and become a Production Manager or Team Lead and contribute deeply to the success of our business.
We are your fully committed and reliable partner of your professional career.

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our leading team

Claude BEVER
Managing Director REAZN GROUP
Managing Director REAZN
Managing Director REAZN GROUP
Managing Director REAZN BELGIUM
Managing Director REAZN +
Gerard KEANE
Managing Director REAZN UK
REAZN Alessandro Paganini portrait
Alessandro PAGANINI
Sales Manager REAZN
Thomas Bosschem
Chief Financial Officer REAZN Group
REAZN Alexandre Poulenard portrait
Alexandre Poulenard
Purchasing Manager REAZN
Frédéric Marcant
Project Manager REAZN BELGIUM
REAZN Günter Spitz portrait
Günter SPITZ
Finance Director REAZN
REAZN Belgium Mircea Petrescu portrait
Production Manager REAZN BELGIUM
REAZN+ Cyrille Bertro portrait
Cyrille BERTRO
Production Unit Manager REAZN+
Kévin Delbecq
Quality, Safety and Environment Manager REAZN Group
    • frijan nicolae
      production shift leader
      REAZN BE

      “I love working in the industry because I learn new things every day. Working in and with a team is something I really enjoy. An important part of my mission is to coach the operators and making sure that they work in a safe way.”

    • stefan schmeisser
      sales & purchase manager
      REAZN S.A.

      “We contribute to something very important for the whole society and the environment. This means transforming secondary (scrap) materials into top quality prime zinc alloys. I like the highly professional and friendly working atmosphere. All this makes a real difference and gives extra motivation to each employee in our group.”

    • david batselier
      production operator

      “I enormously appreciate the good working atmosphere prevailing at REAZN. I like the mutual respect between all colleagues. This gives me the feeling that we are one big family. I have a wide range of different tasks and that makes every day exciting.”