New Filter Unit

Our new Filter Unit is finally operational, and it is bigger and better than ever before!

This filter will not only allow us to stay below the new emission-limit of 5 mg/m³ (previously 20 mg/m³), additionally, we will be ready for the future with a very low emission-level aimed below 1 mg/m³.
You can clearly see the difference in size when comparing it to the old green filter that was previously used.

Each of the 624 dust collecting bags has a width of 160 mm and a length of 16 m, which results in a total of more than 5000 m² air filtration surface (approx. one football field). The dust collecting bags have specific technical fibers, including PTFE treatment. The ventilator, with a high efficiency motor, runs the clean airflow into the impressive stack of 3,5 m diameter.

A big step on our mission to minimize the environmental impact on our planet. We look forward to all its perks.